New Garage Door Sales in NH

When you are looking at replacing your garage door it is important to know what is of the most importance:

Functionality, Looks, how much road frontage you have, insulating R value, cost and design.

Once this is determined we can point you in a direction of your preferences. Garage door construction varies in many different directions, there are doors made from fiberglass which are particularly beneficial if you live in an area near salt water as they will not corrode and rust. The most common of garage doors which are made out of steel and commonly have a 3-5 layer baked on finish, consisting of galvanized coatings and baked on paint finishes. These doors are both beautiful and give the end user many maintenance free years of service. They are also the most durable of door construction that are offered. Finally garage doors made from wood. From all ranges of wood i.e. Redwood, fir, hemlock, radiated pine and so on. These doors are costly because of their construction and require very punctual maintenance to retain their beauty and functionality.

When buying a new garage door system you do not want to forget about the electric operation of your doors and the type of product you are buying. We sell two different kinds of drives for electric openers, one being belt and the other chain. Chain drive is very strong and less expensive than belt, however you are sacrificing a lot of audible annoyances. Belt drive is the smoothest and quietest trolley style operator available. Liftmaster has a model of side mount operator available that mounts to the torsion shaft of you door and headroom permitting gives the quietest and smoothest operation of a door opener in the industry.