Garage Door Maintenance: Caring For Your Garage Door

July 9, 2020

1: Lubricate all moving parts every 6 months.

It is recommended to use a silicone based lubricant. Many people want to use WD-40, however it is a penetrant and not a lubricant. It may last for a short period of time but could actually do damage to the non sealed bearings in your garage door rollers. Lubricate all moving parts, roller and hinges. Rollers are designed to roll along the galvanized track and not slide. DO NOT LUBRICATE THE TRACK. If the track is lubricated or greased there could be an excessive build up of dust or dirt, thus dramatically decreasing the life of your rollers.

2. If you have a torsion spring mounted on a shaft above the top of your door.

Every six months run a thin bead of heavy motor oil across the springs. Once the oil has been applied use rubber gloves and work the oil deep into the torsion spring(s). The motor oil keeps the pores of the metal filled and also keeps the springs from binding. Springs that bind from rust or non lubrication fail much more frequently than springs that have been serviced.

3. If you have an extension spring lift system.

One spring on each side of the door used in conjunction with a cable and pulley system. Lubricate the pulleys, the springs do not need lubrication.

4. Inspect the door.

While you are bi-annually lubricating your door take a close look at the condition of all the moving parts of your garage door. You garage door is the largest moving object in your house and can be very dangerous if it is not serviced properly.

If you notice one of the following call Colonial Garage Door and have your door repaired to a safe working condition. Many items on your garage door are under extreme tension and trying to work on your door with out proper knowledge can be very dangerous.

Frayed cables (can be extremely dangerous and leave you stuck in your garage)

Damaged or missing rollers

Broken Torsion spring

Broken Hinges

Broken Extension Spring

Pulleys that are worn out

Loose fasteners

Damaged garage door track

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