Emergency Services

You are getting ready to leave to go on vacation and as you open your door it suddenly stops.  You get out and realize you have a broken cable.  You need service ASAP and you can feel confident that by dialing your number we will be there to serve you and have your door running quickly for you to get to your destination.

A mid-summer lightning comes through and as you awake the next morning you go to leave to work .  You press the transmitter repeatedly on your visor but there is no upward acting movement of your door.  Now you are frustrated and don’t know what to do, so you pull the opener release and operate your door manually and head off to work.  At this time however your residence is not secured from outside intruders and need your door opener functioning as soon as possible.  The lightning has come through the floor of your building and traveled through your doors safety sensors, possibly disarming and destroying them.  If it was able to pass through them it has continued through the low voltage wiring up to your door opener and then has stopped disarming and destroying the openers circuit board.  These are two very common occurrences with door openers and weather and are a relatively inexpensive fix but the annoyance and down time is invaluable.

A member of your family is coming home and presses the transmitter to open the door in an upward acting movement.  It has been a long day at school or work and they hastily enter the garage not assuring that the door has been opened completely.  At this point the door is hit and there are a few rollers that have fallen out of the track, the cables have come off and the door is damaged.  Not all is lost, the rollers can be reset into the track and the cables reset as well as the door being straightened for functionality while exact replacement sections have been ordered to get your door back up and running as good as new in a few short weeks.

You are trying to open your door from a radio transmitter or a wireless keyless entry system and the door will not move.  Before you call for a service call take a look at the battery and try to replace it to save you from the unneeded cost of a service call.

Emergency Garage Door Services in NH

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